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Basics of Pistol Shooting, Marksmanship, and Safety


Close Quarters Contact Shooting

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Empty Hand Self-Defense


Night Shooting

Safety through training by teaching the skills, attitude, and mindset to responsibly, ethically, morally, and legally, protect self and others while exercising the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. 

Ephesians 2:8,9 
"For by grace I have been saved through faith. This is not of my myself; it is the gift of God, not of my own works, lest anyone should boast. 


"Highly recommended! Grant and Louisa are great instructors on the firing line and in the classroom. They teach the class in a way that can reach a student of any shooting level and do not sugar coat the responsibilities and rights you have as a home defender or concealed carrier. We have learned a lot from them in the couple classes and look forward to training with them more!" 

B. Yates

"I took the Basics of Pistols class a year ago and have been to several private lessons with Louisa and Grant. They are THE BEST trainers ! The class was very detailed and also hands on at the range training. Their knowledge is incredible and they work at your speed. They really are just great people too. I went from being fearful at the range during the class to now owning my own pistol and can shoot accurately. All that in a year!  You will not regret your decision to attend one of their classes!" 

Karen Hunt

"My wife and I have taken two courses with Grant and Louisa ("Basics of Pistol Shooting" along with "Defensive Shooting"). Since my wife had zero experience with handguns and loved the way the instructors helped her feel comfortable in the classroom and on the range. For me, the "Basics" course was a great refresher but I had never shot a "concealed carry" course before. Grant and Louisa made it easy. My wife and I highly recommend their courses and instructional style if you are new to pistol shooting or have  taken a long break since you last picked up a handgun. We are looking forward to our next class with them!"


Ladies:   My husband and I took Louisa and Grant’s Basics of Pistol Shooting Course a couple of weeks ago and we absolutely loved it!  I learned quite a bit from this talented and experienced couple.  They have an encyclopedia of knowledge and expertise and were kind and patient with us as we had so many questions. They are skilled, certified NRA instructors and we felt we were in good hands as we learned firearm handling, shooting safety, firearm operations, ammunition functions and so much more. We even went to an outdoor gun range and had hands-on practice.  That was exciting!  I had always had a fear of guns and this class gave me self confidence and the satisfaction of knowing that I do not have to be afraid.  We are fortunate to know Louisa and Grant and highly recommend that everyone take advantage of the opportunity to learn from this couple. You won’t find anything better.  Looking forward to continue training and self defense. 

Wendy Rainwater & 

Richard Grisham

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