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Meet the Founders

Emmaus Shooting & Defense, LLC is a company that practices Christian values while offering top quality firearms and self-defense training. We are owned and operated by a husband and wife team that co-instructs. Grant and Louisa Cate are both certified by the NRA as well as other training organizations.  We both train on a regular basis with the NRA and at the world renowned Gunsite Academy headquartered in Paulden , Arizona. Scroll down to see details about our certifications and our other instructors.

Grant Cate is an NRA Training Counselor: 

Grant is certified in: 

  • NRA Basic Pistol 

  • NRA Defensive Pistol

  • NRA Inside the Home Self Defense

  • NRA Outside the Home Self Defense

  • Certified Tactical Rifle (ICC)

  • NRA Home Firearms Safety

  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

  • NRA CCW (50 State Concealed Carry)

  • NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting

  • NRA Basics of Shotgun Shooting

As an NRA Training Counselor, Grant is able to instruct and certify instructors. He specialize in all aspects of pistol, rifle, and shotgun marksmanship and defensive shooting as well as empty hand self defense.

NRA Instructor Certification Number: 


Learning how to instruct
Getting a certificate

Louisa Cate is an NRA Certified Instructor.

Louisa is certified in: 

  • ​NRA Home Firearms Safety

  • NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

  • NRA CCW (50 State Concealed Carry)

  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer 

  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home

  • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

  • Certified Tactical Rifle (ICC)

  • NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting 

  • NRA Basics of Shotgun Shooting

Louisa specializes in assisting women in developing their shooting and self defense skills as well as empty hand self defense. 

NRA Instructor Certification Number:


Sal Buzzurro

Major Salvatore Buzzurro, PhD, U.S. Army Ranger, Retired. 


Sal is joining Emmaus Shooting & Defense to head up the curriculum and training of all empty hand/unarmed defensive training and will add his own significant skill set in effective use of handguns as a defensive tool in many of our classes.

Sal is a: 

  • NRA Certified Instructor

  • U.S. Army Hand to Hand Combat Instructor

  • Certified Rape Aggression Defense Instructor

  • Third Degree Black Belt in Karate

  • Sal is trained in all aspects of self-defense both armed and unarmed combat.

  • He brings with him 22 years of military experience including two combat tours of duty.

  • Published in Black Belt Magazine December 1997. Pages 82-87.

Our Story: Luke 24:13-19, 28-30

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