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Pending Legislation - A Little Touch of Reality

Far be it for certain legislators to allow a national tragedy to pass without trying to leverage it to further their ongoing goal to disarm the American people. Let’s look at the reality of gun control laws in general. There has been a tidal wave of gun control laws proposed in the U.S. Congress as well as practically every state house from coast to coast. A vast majority of this legislation has been sponsored by leaders of the Democratic Party, particularly their extreme left leaning nucleus. In cahoots with their allies in the extreme left leaning mainstream news media and social media, they can come close to having a total monopoly on the national conversation. This clearly points out that what we have today is no longer an independent 4th Estate, but a propaganda machine for the left masquerading as a free press. The only way an intelligent and concerned citizen can get even a whiff of the truth is to shut out the leftist clatter and do a little research while practicing some critical thinking skills.

Gun Control legislation in general is aimed at punishing the loyal citizen and law-abiding gun owner, not the armed criminal element. If you doubt this statement, I challenge you to critically read the bills that are churning their way through the various state houses as will as the United States Congress and explain how any of these proposed laws actually impacts the armed sociopathic criminal element that seems to be holding most of our cities and many of our community’s hostage today. You can’t because those bills do not do anything except make it harder for the honest citizen to defend themselves.

As crime statistics skyrocket, and police departments face defunding, the United States loyal, honest law-abiding citizens realize that in the face of all this, the government can not keep them safe. Their reaction is to buy guns so they have a fighting chance to defend themselves from the seemingly inevitable violent attack. The politicians and the elite of the social media industry, the press and especially the Hollywood elite don’t worry about this stuff, they have their own armed security team to protect them.

There are so many statistics out there that the American people never are made aware of, that prove that gun control for public safety is a false flag operation, with the only real goal being a total disarming of the American people. All our constitutional rights are under attack, as you will see as we go further through this blog. If cutting down on gun crime was really the goal in any of this legislation, why then does virtually every law that is being proposed, only have teeth in it towards the honest, law-abiding gun owner? A 2019 study by the Justice Department showed that less than 2% of criminals who were tried and convicted of crimes either using or possessing a gun, obtained those guns by buying them in a retail store or gun show. The thrust of all these gun control measures being proposed is about tightening up restriction when an honest citizen buys a gun So, if more than 98% of all crimes committed with guns, were committed with guns that were acquired illegally and not in the retail type of purchase, why in the world would any objective person think that the solution to today’s crime wave is more restrictive gun laws on honest people who don’t commit crimes? While you consider that, think about this: why would the people in power not make the results of this same study public? Simple, the people in Joe Biden’s administration are NOT OBJECTIVE. They don’t give a crap about the truth, or public safety. They only care about pursuing their leftist agenda. That agenda? Goal one, disarm the American people. Goal two, crush freedom of speech and freedom of the press, while they do everything in their power to destroy the middle class.

Let’s look at another bankrupt gun control idea. “Gun Free Zones”, which were supposed to protect our most vulnerable area from all attacks, particularly gun attacks. Then, Senator, Joe Biden, sponsored the Gun Free Zone Bill in 1990. Even though statistics show that since 1950, forty years before this bill was passed, and all the way to today, that the idea of Gun Free Zones did not work. The evidence was clear when they pursued this law in 1990, and is still true today. Our President and his cabal of leftist never let the facts get in the way of their ideological agenda, so this is still the mantra being chanted by the left. The only problem is that more than 94% of all mass shooting attacks since 1950 have occurred in those wonderfully safe “Gun Free Zones” (or areas that would be gun free zones today, but occurred before the bill was passed).

Again, this salient point is virtually never brought up by left leaning politicians or their friends, the mainstream news and social media. Why not? Because it tends to prove mass shooters look for targets where there will be no one to shoot back. This does not really go along with their leftist narrative. These are just a few of the many examples of how left leaning politicians, the left leaning mainstream news organizations, and the extreme left leaning social media outlets, omit or ignore any news or information that does not follow their strict gun banning ideology.

Let’s go further and look at the outright lies the left tells the American people in their pursuit of their ideological goals. What better example of the face of the lie mongering left, that will go to any lengths to disarm the honest law-abiding American populace than our current president, Joe Biden.

7 Bald Faced Lies Joe Biden has told the American people about guns and gun control:

1: Joe Biden ran an election campaign stating that he is a moderate on gun control….

Clearly that was an outright lie, Joe Biden has proven to be the most virulent gun control president in history.

2: On April 8th 2022 Joe Biden said “Most people don’t know: if you walk into a store and buy a gun, you have a background check. But you go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want and no background check.”

This statement is absolutely false. Federal law requires that any retail or wholesaler of firearms must have an FFL (federal firearms license). Federal law requires any gun seller who holds an FFL to conduct a background check on the would-be buyer before completing the purchase, regardless of where the sale takes place including gun shows.

3: During the 2020 Presidential campaign on April 8th 2021, then candidate, Joe Biden, claimed that gun manufacturers enjoy absolute immunity to law suits. Biden said “Bernie Sanders and others have in fact also gave in to gun manufacturers absolute immunity. Imagine if I stood here and said we give immunity to drug companies, we give immunity to tobacco companies. That have caused carnage on our streets”.

This statement is absolutely false. The firearms industry does not have absolute immunity from lawsuits. The nugget of truth in what Biden said (conmen frequently wrap their lies around a nugget of truth) is based on the 2005 law, Protection of Lawful Commerce Act (PLCAA), which prevents lawyers from filing ludicrous nuisance lawsuit against gun manufacturers or gun sellers because their products were used illegally in a shooting. But the PLCAA still allows firearms manufacturers to be sued. Examples of these areas where lawsuits can be brought are:

1: If a defective product causes an injury, they can be sued.

2: If the seller or manufacturer is guilty of a breach of warranty or contract, they can be sued.

3: If the Seller (FFL Holder) knowingly sold a gun to someone who is not legally allowed to own or possess a gun, they can be sued.

4: If a seller or manufacturer entrusts a firearm to someone they know is likely to use it in a crime or is being purchased for a third party that is not allowed to possess a firearm (straw purchase), they can be sued.

5: If a manufacturer violates either the Gun Control Act of 1968, or the National Firearms Act of 1934, they can be sued.

Many other industries have been granted limited immunity besides the firearms industry. One such example would be the 1996 Communications Decency Act. This act prevents companies like Twitter and Facebook from being sued for material posts on their website. Strangely enough, it is Section 230 of this same act that allows social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, among others, to censor content they find offensive. This frequently occurs when that post disagrees with the left wing bent that the platform constantly espouses. By the way, Joe Biden voted to protect these companies with limited liability immunity. I guess Joe only has a problem if limited liability is given to an industry that Joe and the extreme left don’t like or approve of.

4: On April 8th, 2022, Joe Biden said “States with red flag laws have seen a reduction in the number of suicides”. Red flag laws are more properly known as Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

Again, President Biden is playing it fast and loose with the truth. The Rand Corporation who did the study 1/20/2022 President Biden was referring to said, “We find inconclusive evidence for the effects of Extreme Risk Protection Orders on total and firearms suicides”. Beyond that the CPRC did a similar study on 1/20/2019. This study shows "Red flag laws had no significant effect on murder, suicide, the number of people killed in mass public shootings, robbery, aggravated assault, or burglary. There is some evidence that rape rates rise. These laws apparently do not save lives".

Clearly, President Biden loves red flag laws, even though proof that they are effective at all, let alone as effective as he loves to claim, simply do not exist. Well, let's quickly look at the nature of red flag laws, and see what we as citizens pay in our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to get a false sense of security that studies say simply do not work. These laws allow law enforcement officers to remove firearms from people legally possess them if officials deem them a risk to themselves or others. The person making this claim can be anyone from a police officer, doctor, disgruntled family member, an ex spouse or significant other, or an unrelated household member. Many states do not give the accused an opportunity to defend themselves in court. This effectively strips the citizen of his or her constitutional rights without the benefit of due process. This is clearly government overreach of power. Thats a big price in freedom to pay for laws that have been proven to have no effect on the crimes they are designed to control. If they have not been proven to be effective, why does Joe Biden like them? Because it is another way to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens, without due process. Clearly Joe Biden and the ultra left love that.

5: In February, 2020, on a campaign stop candidate Biden said, “Under the Constitution politicians can limit the type of guns you are able to own. You can’t own a machine gun…no matter how much money you have.”

This is a lie. You actually can legally own a machine gun. It requires that you jump through a bunch of hoops, meet all the requirements from the ATF form 4, and pay a $200 fee. Then you will wait between 9 and 12 months, but if you meet all those requirements, you can own a machine gun. Incidentally, since the firearms act of 1934, no legally required machine gun has ever been used in a crime.

President Biden would like to pretend that there is a precedent here for banning an entire class of guns. However, like so many of the things that the president and the left-wing claim in order to swing the debate in their favor, they are simply lies.

6: On June 23rd, President Biden declared, “The second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon."

Another lie wrapped around a grain of truth. It is true that since 1934, certain types of firearms have been regulated, restricted and registered, like fully automatic weapons (machine guns). However, cannons can still be in private hands. There is no law that keeps an individual from owning a cannon.

Why would President Biden lie about this? It seems clear that again, President Biden is trying to make the American public believe there is a precedent to banning entire classes of firearms. But, as usual, when the facts don’t support his argument, the President just makes stuff up.

7: On 5/31/2022, President Biden said, "9mm bullets blow the lungs right out of the body”. He went on to say, “So the idea of these high caliber weapons is of…there’s simply no rational basis for it in terms of thinking about self-protection, hunting…the Second Amendment was never absolute, you couldn’t buy a cannon. You couldn’t go out and buy a bunch of weapons." He is referring to 9mm handguns and AR15 style rifles when he speaks of high caliber, high capacity weapons.

There are so many lies and half truths in this statement. Let's just concentrate on the biggest whoppers.

Lie #1: A 9mm bullet that strikes a person in the thorax does not “blow their lung out of the body”. Let’s do a little education for those who are unfamiliar with firearms and ammo. The term 9mm is the measure of the diameter of the projectile, which converts over to .0355 inches. Slightly over 1/3” of an inch. A 9mm round, when striking a human in the chest, generally cuts a 1/3 to ½ inch in diameter tunnel into them. The idea that this relatively underpowered round, that has been around for more than 100 years, could “blow the lungs out of a human body" is an absurd lie. The 9mm round is so underpowered, many self-defense professionals refer to it as a marginal self defense caliber. The Secret Service Presidential Protective Detail went away from 9mm in favor of the more powerful .357 Sig round years ago. They made this move because the 9mm round which was used before is really under powered and the new 357 Sig round delivered about 40% more power on the target. This past year, the Secret Service went back to the 9mm round. Why? Because, although it is under powered, it is much easier to shoot accurately than the more robust 357 Sig. The Secret Service went back to it because it is lower powered and easier to shoot. This is the same reason that millions of Americans have picked the 9mm round as the mostly widely used handgun caliber of choice. Not because it is so powerful that it "blows the lungs out of the body", but because it a mild soft recoiling round that is still considered a self defense capable. So why would our President pick out a marginal self defense capable caliber, that his own security team went away from and then back to because of lack of power? The answer is simple, there are far more 9mm handguns in the United States than any other service caliber pistol. By banning this round, he would effectively ban a vast majority of handguns in private hands. It lets Joe and his leftist cronies do an end-run around the Constitution and take away millions of guns with impunity.

Lie#2 When Joe Biden says you don’t need high-capacity magazines, he seems to ignore the fact that criminal gangs are like wolves; they frequently hunt in packs. He ignores all the statistics that show it is not unusual for a determined attacker to be hit with 9mm handgun rounds 6,7,8 times and more before he even knows he has been hit. He ignores the fact that even trained police officers miss an average of 8 shots out of every 10 shots fired in a real-world gun fight. Joe Biden talks about a double-barreled shotgun with its dangerously limited shot capacity, its heavy and unwieldy form factor, and its overpowering recoil as the ideal self-defense gun. I am not anti-shotgun for self-defense, but that is for another blog. President Biden shows a stunning lack of concern as well as a lack of either honesty or knowledge about self-defense reality... I think it is dishonesty in the service of his and the extreme lefts ideology. After all, it is his Justice Department that supervises the publication of the FBI Uniform Crime Report. Simply Insurance says, "According to The Uniform Crime Report put out by the Justice Department, there are 1.65 million home invasions every year in America." By definition, a home invasion occurs when thugs break into a home knowing the home is occupied. Frequently, these crimes are perpetrated by a gang of armed thugs. If these armed thugs break into your home, you can be certain that they have plans for you, and it will not be pleasant. This is the reason that a significant amount of the time other serious felonies, like rape, murder, arson, and kidnapping occur during a home invasion. Yet, according to Joe Biden, your best bet for home defense is a double-barreled shotgun. Is he serious? A slow to re-load, unwieldy, two shot capacity gun against a gang of armed thugs sounds like a suicide attempt rather than a self-defense strategy!!!!!

President Biden shows a stunning lack of either honesty or knowledge about self-defense reality. The lesson all of this teaches is that your constitutional rights and your liberties that were fought, bled, and died for by citizen soldiers since 1754 are under attack. The media and social media will tell any lie and twist any truth to try to convince the general public that their agenda is in your best interest. It isn’t! Look at what has happened to this nation in less that two years of their rule: rampant violent crime, runaway inflation, losing energy independence, and a lack of credibility with our allies, after the treasonous Afghanistan debacle as well as shutting down the oil pipe line. The leftist administration, in conjunction with the left-wing mainstream media and the leftist social media outlets, routinely ignore any facts that do not support their ideology. They pay no attention to reality unless they can twist the facts to fit their socialist ideology. They clearly are not playing by any rules.

If this matters to you, you must get involved; write your representatives, be demanding, seek the truth aggressively, don’t just accept what the mainstream medias tell you as truth. Above all, support, work for, and vote for the candidates that both speak and act on defending your constitutional rights. These rights are yours, they have been paid for, by the blood of your fellow citizens. Do not let apathy destroy the inheritance that your father and his father bought for you and your children with their blood. Nothing you can ever do is more important!

If the powers at be have your best interest at heart in pursing this type of legislation, ask yourself this question, "If gun control actually worked, why are these politicians forced to lie constantly about virtually aspect of gun control?"

Watch for our next newsletter and its feature: The Truth About Red Flag Laws

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