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Written by: Louisa Cate

In response to numerous requests from our students, Emmaus Shooting & Defense is holding a series of gun cleaning clinics. Last night was our third clinic. We had a full house with 8 people

attending. Everyone had a great time! We have supervised hands on with each student's pistol. Everyone learns how to field strip (disassemble) their pistol or pistols, inspect it, properly clean and lubricate it, and most importantly, how to put it back together! This is a great class whether you are a brand new shooter and know very little about your pistol, or you have experience, but could use a refresher.

Grab your pistol & come join us for a really enjoyable and informative hour and 1/2 to 2 hours.

Call Grant and Louisa 912-257-5310 for dates and times


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