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NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPITH)

This is an advanced class. You need to have taken NRA Basics of Pistol and Defensive Pistol before taking this class.

NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPITH)

This course focuses on personal protection and security inside your home. The goal of the program is to develop in the student the knowledge, skills, and attitude that are critical in insuring the student's ability to defend themselves and their family against violent attacks in their home. 

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
1. Understand more advanced concepts of firearms safety, defensive shooting safety, safe firearms
2. Practice situational awareness and a defensive mindset.
3. Demonstrate defensive shooting concepts.
4. Make your home a hard target for potential burglars or home invaders, respond correctly to a break in,
control an intruder or attacker, understand the aftermath of an attack.                               
5. Have a basic understanding of the law as it pertains to self defense in the home.
6. Select appropriate and cost effective means for securing your home.
7. Shoot from concealment, shoot with two hands, shoot both weak hand and strong hand, and shoot from
a position of pistol retention.                                             

PRICE OF CLASS: Listed in the Class Schedule.

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