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NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

This is an advanced class. Pre-requisite for this class is NRA Basics of Pistol, NRA Defensive Pistol, and NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home. If you have not had these classes and want to take this class, you must meet with the instructors and pass an NRA Pre-Qualifier course of fire before you will be able to attend the class.

NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

This course focuses on personal protection and security when you are away from home. The goal of the program is to develop in the student the knowledge skills, attitudes, and situational awareness that is critical in enhancing the student's ability to defend themselves and their family and loved ones against violent attacks while away from home. 

By the end of this class, you will be able to:  
Understand the defensive strategies involved in self defense outside the home.  
1. Have a basic understanding of storage options for storing your firearm while away from home.  
2. Understand the critical nature of situational awareness.
3. Develop the skill set required to draw a pistol from concealment quickly and efficiently.
4. Enhance your pistol marksmanship to allow fast, tactically accurate, fire in the event of a violent attack. 
5. Develop the proper mindset to avoid a violent confrontation or attack, and if there is no way to avoid it,
to ethically, morally, and legally engage the attacker.
6. Have a deeper understanding of firearms self defense and the law, legal aspects of concealed carry, and
the legal aftermath of a defensive shooting outside the house. 

PRICE OF CLASS: Listed in the Class Schedule.

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