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NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

This course is for the person who has never touched a gun before all the way up to someone who needs to brush up on their fundamentals of pistol shooting skills.

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

Although Basics of Pistol Shooting is considered a "basic" course, we at Emmaus Shooting & Defense, add significant extra content to the full NRA program. In addition to teaching general firearms safety and range safety, we follow the NRA program and give the student hands on in the classroom with handguns of several types. We start by using a blue plastic gun to learn the proper fundamentals of gun handling and grip. We teach the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship in the classroom by using laser simulators so the student can practice the fundamentals we teach before we ever go to the range. This makes for a very useful class for the complete novice right up to someone who wants to brush up on some rusty skills

By the end of this course, you will be able to: 

1. Safely handle and operate most varieties of modern handguns. 
2. Understand how ammunition functions.
3. Be proficient in the fundamentals of pistol handling.
4. Exhibit the proper fundamentals of pistol shooting.
5. Score targets to determine levels of qualification.
6. Pick the proper pistol to fit its primary purpose. 
7. Have a basic understanding of how to clean and maintain a pistol
8. Identify future opportunities for pistol skills development. 
9. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different concealed carry techniques.
10. Have a basic understanding of the legalities of owning a firearm.

PRICE OF CLASS: Listed in the Class Schedule.

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