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If you are concerned about the loss of freedoms that are guaranteed to you in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights, then supporting these three groups is your best opportunity to make your voice heard and to stop the infringement on our rights that the leftists in Washington DC seem to be bent on. Click on the image and it will link you directly to the website. Get active, sign every petition you can! Make the politicians on both sides of the isle understand that ANY abridging of our Constitutional rights and freedoms will result in political defeat for every politician that supports the abridging of those rights or any who do not stand against those trying to take those rights away. NEVER forget that the first move all tyrannical forms of government take is to disarm the populous giving them a free hand to govern any way they would choose. This is the reason why the founding fathers placed the right to keep and bear arms second only to freedom of speech in the Constitution's Bill of Rights. DO NOT STAND IDLY BY AS YOUR RIGHTS ARE STRIPPED FROM YOU. TAKE ACTION, GET INVOLVED, MAKE A NOISE.


HR 127 The most restrictive gun control law in history. Click the button to see our analysis and the actual bill. 

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